I have a friend who wants to join. How can I get them added to Slack?

Send them this form: https://tinyurl.com/wrc-jointheteam. Our onboarding committee will commit to adding in new folks on a monthly basis.

When you say a run is “no-drop” what do you mean by that?

For some of our affinity runs, like the stroller run or our women of color run, no drop means we usually all run together. We also advertise our Friday morning run as “no drop”. At this run we all introduce ourselves before starting out. Teammates share expected pace to make it easy to buddy up. Once we start running we don’t all stay together and have runners setting out at a variety of paces. For our Friday run we also have a dedicated 12:30+ pace group with a weekly leader. This is our way of making sure no one is “dropped” or left behind while also having folks set it out at a variety of paces.

Is this a road specific run group?

We have road, track, and trail group runs. And there are even some members training for triathlons!

How do I find out about run meet ups?

Join us on our Slack space for the most up to date details. We also post about most of our runs on our instagram.

Do I have to pay to join WRC?

Joining WRC is free. We offer some optional gear, such as uniforms, at cost to members. Ultimately, we aim to be transparent about where money we may collect for specific events or reasons is going.

How can I help?

Showing up to runs, inviting a friend to WRC, organizing ad-hoc runs in #run-meets in Slack, and starting conversations in other WRC Slack channels is a great start. Beyond that, areas that will likely need help:

If you are interested in any of these please let us know on Slack or email.

Is this new club competing with other East Bay run clubs?

We are a women’s running club in the East Bay that has local roots, spans many running disciplines, and is free to join. We hope this will be something new that will serve runners who we may not have met yet - runners craving similar-paced teammates or looking for a women-centered space. For runners already plugged into an existing club, we hope that our group can be a value-add to the broader running community ecosystem - we are a “Yes and” if you will. We have had and would love to continue collaborations with other East Bay running groups.

I have feedback and questions. Who do I ask?

Please share feedback, ideas, and questions in whatever medium is most comfortable to you. If you’re not a club member the best way to reach us is through instagram. For members, feel free to post in the general channel on WRC Slack or send a Slack DM to Becca, Nicole or Ali if you prefer a more private conversation.